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(Heather Ramsdale) Marcie

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8.5”h x 4”w x 3”d

I enjoy working in a variety of materials, and the objects I make portray a series of dichotomies:  familiar yet new, heavy but light, stable and uncertain, curious but plausible, all in consideration of  balance. My neurotic desire to control form and materials generates a magnetic pull to the studio.  Failure plays a large role in fabrication, and I don’t always achieve what I want. As much as this can  be frustrating, I find that surrender gives up a certain energy to the material or object itself.  Logistics frequently challenge my master plan and force me to bend or reevaluate, and as efforts in  experimentation get derailed, new opportunities emerge out of being forced to negotiate between  a set of rigid constructs and fantastical thinking. My points of inquiry are varied, I consider math  often, which overlays subjects of religion and spirituality. Raised Catholic, I fixated on cathedral  ceilings and contemplated objects that were meant to carry a form of spiritual energy. Likewise, I  often think of the things I make in the studio as pensive and mysterious but always balanced with a  slice of dark humor. The unexpected moments when my sculptures suggest personas, such as  humorous or lonely, reveal delicate clues about their existence. 

Heather Ramsdale is a Philadelphia-based visual artist whose work primarily includes sculpture,  and sometimes installation and drawing. She earned an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania,  BA in Studio Art from SUNY Cortland. and studied at Goldsmiths College in London, UK.  Ramsdale was granted nominations for a Terra Foundation for American Art Award and an  Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award from ISC. She was the  recipient of two Pollock-Krasner Foundation fellowships and completed a residency at Joya: arte +  ecología, an arts-led field research center, in Andalucía, Spain. She continues to exhibit her work  nationally, and is an Associate Professor of Sculpture at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. You  can find her work at