Current show: ARIEL LEE: Out and Back

(Matt Adrian) "I Face My Destruction Unafraid—The Fact That My Pants Are Soaked With Urine Is Unrelated, It’s Just That I’m Trying To Drink More Water And Finding A Public Restroom In This Town Is A Freaking Nightmare "

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14" (Round)

Acrylic on Panel

In the exhibition “Unnatural Selection,” Adrian will unveil his newest collection of acrylic paintings, including some of his largest to date. His lush acrylic paintings of birds range from the delightfully cute to the decidedly sinister. These distinctive avian portraits are paired with unique and unexpected titles that cleverly allow the artist to juxtapose the purity of the natural world with the anxieties and absurdities of the modern human experience.

A former Joshua Tree resident, Matt Adrian is now based in Los Angeles. His work was recently featured in The Guardian and can be viewed at