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(Ryan Whelan) Structure No. 2

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Acrylic and ink on carved poplar 11.5" x 16.25" framed Ryan Whelan was born in 1991, and raised in Torrance, California. He moved to San Francisco in 2009 to study printmaking at San Francisco State University. Now 29 years old, Ryan lives and works in Oakland, CA. Although Ryan lives in an area that is surrounded by forests, plenty of ocean, and lots of wildlife, he feels far removed from a natural life. He has to remind himself of the magic of nature through his paintings: how the sun must feel to the plants, the energy that flows through the trees, or the prism of colors found on a fresh harvest of fruit. It's these kinds of simple, everyday moments in nature that remind him that we are all more than what we can see. Everything is energy, everyone is radiating, and nothing is ordinary. Ryan applies the work ethic and process driven mentality of printmaking to his artwork. He strives for a kind of contradiction to be present in his work no matter the subject -simple but complex.