(Tim Biskup) Garden Chalice

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Part of our holiday "Cold Snap!" show Watercolor on paper 9 1/2" x 4" Tim Biskup (b. Santa Monica, CA. 1967- ) is a Southern California artist whose practice is focused mainly on abstract and figurative painting, but extends into sculpture, printmaking and music. He studied fine art at Otis/ Parsons before entering the animation and illustration industries where he honed his technical skills. In 1999 he gathered a community of artists and began hosting live art auctions at bars around Los Angeles. He quickly found an audience for his personal work and began a career showing his art in gallery settings. His complex color and design theories pushed forward a decidedly populist aesthetic which has continued to develop and morph over the years. In early 2017 he began hosting open studio events at a small gallery space called Face Guts in Glassell Park, CA. The project has expanded to include a larger gallery/studio and will soon feature a separate live/work/gallery space for visiting artists and pop-ups. In October of 2019 Biskup’s retrospective monagraph/autobiography “Tree of Life” was published by Chronicle Chroma.