Adam Shrewsbury

Adam Shrewsbury (b. 1984)

Michigan based artist, Adam Shrewsbury, works primarily in ceramics. Since 2016 he has been blending his previous career of tattooing with clay in a balance of form and surface decoration. His work takes influence from ancient ceramics in its shape and modern contemporary culture on its surface. Themes of life and death are often found together. When asked about this he says “Death has been forming my worldview from an early age, an awareness of my own mortality is ever present and I use my work as a form of reflection. The work is a way for me to meditate on my death, to become friends with it.”

His work is created out of a desire to be playfully present. To be engaged in the moment and to come into contact with the mystery of life. Simply put, He likes to be the first one to see a work of art appear. Creativity is a magical key that allows him to hover at the threshold of manifestation, the space between idea and form. 

He has been in group and two person shows internationally since 2008 and his work can be found in private collections worldwide. 

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