(Abira Ali) Joshua Tree

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Mixed media on panel
11" x 14"
Singed on verso by artist


Abira Ali is an urban dwelling artist. She studied art at Parsons and Tyler School of Art. In 2009 Abira formed Wisdom Arts Laboratory, a vehicle for teaching art, encouraging imagination and community collaboration. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Abira descends from a line of artists, writers and creative thinkers. Friends and loved ones have been pivotal in her art- making; encouraging, inspiring and guiding her in this journey. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, artist Gordon Henderson. Their daughter, Eliza Bee Henderson is also an artist.

Artist Statement

I am thankful for the moments of clarity in the process of making art. Sometimes I find the work flows and yields curious beauty, but just as often I find myself attempting to resolve chaos and confusion. The studio work I am currently producing comes from years of searching. I believe generosity, forgiveness and honesty can translate into the art-making process, and this is my aim. Through the practice of painting, I discover buried treasure and hope.

My work is inspired by the natural world. Abstract patterns and movement of light appear over and again. Street lights and headlights are common subjects. In my paintings, I interpret the drama I see created by light. I paint water, rain and fog to depict moments when the world loses its harsh edge.