(Martha Rich) I Choose Paradise print FRAMED

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5 color screen print
16" x 20"
signed edition of 100

Martha Rich is a furious artist based in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Art Center College of Design (BFA) and the University of Pennsylvania (MFA) and spends her days making art for fun and money. Rich worked in corporate America for 15 years when at 35, she decided she’d had it with that nonsense and quit her job, went back to school and became a freelance illustrator. Her work can be seen on murals, socks, shopping bags, in magazines, in music videos, and in books, including The Furious Notebook: Release Your Rage, Use Your Anger For Good and Chill the Heck Out, published by Chronicle. In 2017, in a fit of anger, she ran for office and is now the Democratic Committee Member for Ward 2, Division 10 in Philadelphia. Rich also volunteers for Swing Left.