(Seth Drenner) 4:50 PM

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mixed media on panel
acrylic, ink, gouache, graphite
12" x 12"

Seth Drenner is an LA based artist living in Pasadena, California. Following his degree in graphic design from The University of Noethern Iowa, Drenner went on to graduate from ArtCenter College of Design in Illustration. Currently working as a freelance artist and designer, Drenner’s own work can be traced back to much of the transitional paintings of the 1950's Abstract Expressionism and early 1960's work during the birth of Pop Art. Working primarily in traditional printmaking methods from letterpress to intaglio and screen printing, the work emanates a sense of organic appeal with feelings of warmth and movement coalescing. At times the works seem overgrown with organic shapes bending and folding atop one another while at other times the compositions remain sparse and rened. He vacillates freely between natural and abstraction, at times focusing on pattern while other times on gure and narrative. Also producing sculpture and ceramic work, Drenner incorporates a variety of media, including pencil, paper, wood, clay, paint, & collage.